May 18, 2008


Have you ever thought why so many clicks on the ads placed in your blog fetch you very less amount ? If I'm right, there are two types of sites which would ruin your earnings - 1. Made for adsense 2. Low cost per click.

Both of them lead to sites which contains no credible information for users. They rely on these ads to bring traffic to them. When your reader clicks on your ads , he would expect something or some credible information from it . But, these ads dissappoint them. Well , We can avoid this by black listing them using Competitive ADS filter .

All I did to avoid these ads was , to register in adsblacklist site . All you need to do is register in this websites and submit your website url as one of the domains and generate BLACKLIST of ads pertaining to your site. After generating the list of Blacklisted ads, you need to enter adsense account using your credentials and click on COMPETITIVE ADS FILTER and update the filter with the list of sites you generated.

You can comment on this post with any new ideas with which earnings can be improved, how traffic can be brought to your site ?

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May 11, 2008


See, This is what i call intelligence. This site which i'm going to talk about is going great guns. I really don't know the guy who is behind this idea but, he is simply great !!

MYSTEPSAHEAD.COM is one stop for the students to enrich their knowledge . It takes much time for me to explain what sort of things they provide for student community . Its better to check their site and what all they provide .

One Idea which stuck me to write about them is their tactics to improve the site's traffic and the way they plan to publicise their site . Say it or not , gaining money is the ultimate thing when it come to opening a site though they provide surplus amount of knowledge through the articles they possess.

Read through this page to know how they plan to make money and get your wallet flow with Rs 20 . I'm still in dilemma whether to join this or not coz i've to go to post office to do some work.

Though the site is flooded with ads everywhere which make site look odd , When i happened to check their page rank, it was zero . Good luck fellas for this new idea and hope you grow with it !!

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