September 26, 2008

Photo Bookmarking by VI.SUALIZE.US !!!

Social Bookmarking was one of the fine inventions which helped people access their favourite bookmarks which can be accessed from anywhere in the earth .Bookmarks will be stored on the central server rather than your local machine. This made life easier by not carrying all the links in a pen drive around the world . There are many social bookmarking sites which provide you with this facility . All you need to do is to register and get going .

All the bookmarks in your browsers have to be exported and saved in a file . Then, log in into your favourite bookmarking site and locate the file in your local machine . Just click on import button , you will have all the bookmarks on the central server . You can keep your bookmarks personal or it can shared with all people out there . Tag the bookmarks together so that it would be easy to find them when you are in a hurry.

My favourite bookmarking site is !! Now their next upgrade is VISUALIZE

Now, they come up with another idea for bookmarking the photos and saving the photos in their servers . Once you bookmark the picture using "visualize" , the pictures are cloned in their servers . If original picture (i mean the source) are shed, you will have your copy in your visualize . Trust me , viewing all the loved pictures or loved's pictures (J.K.) at a stretch without having shuffling between the folders will be wonderful . This is what I call it "Quality time"

To get started >>

1 : Enter the site
2: Register the account with your details
3: Verify the account by using the mail sent to your mail ID
4: Log In to Site with your credentials
5: Search for the Pictures!!

Add this as bookmark to ....