December 27, 2008

Searching People on Net - Pipl

Its been very long time since I posted on this blog !

The real cause of this blog post is one beautiful female at my work place. I just want to find her in the net. So, I did some search in the social networking sites like orkut , facebook etc. Generally , I browse for very long time and I got this link which is so useful to find people on the net. I read some blog post discussing all the best sites which helps in finding people and in one of the comments I got this link which I stumbled upon.

Pipl - People Search is the site which I want to share with you fellas.

The web page looks very neat and simple . Just asks for the first name, last name and the city to begin a search on the person and I found it very useful than any other sites which I got by googling.

I searched for myself and got very interesting results . All inclucing my comments on various blogs. It was very useful to find many of my lost college mates and school mates.

As facebook as made all the profiles public, you will get public facebook profile of the person who is being searched If he has a profile over there.

Add this as bookmark to ....