March 26, 2009

One Fine Article !

Amidst this huge economic crisis with no sign of recovery at the earliest , all big money failing to catch up with the economy which does nothing but getting poor day by day, employers squeezing the juice outta employees, i came across this article which do make some sense throwing some light at the very cause of this economic nosedive

This article describes the bad moves/predictions done by Individuals who are being blamed for this economic shut down this year.

Name of the Article : The Dirty Dozen

Good Read !

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Joe "The Artist" Hagarty said...

Unfortunately you missed the Congress, starting with Barney Franks, Christopher Dodd, Maxine Waters, who told us "Everything is fine." And, the rest of the Congress who has been p-----g away my Children's and GrandChildren's earnings, before they even have a job.