November 25, 2007


Everybody knows whats Bit torrent technology is... If not click here .

Certain torrent trackers are open to all and certain are closed and U need someone from inside to lend you an invite to get into it. Sometimes these private trackers open sign ups for few days ...
You may never know when they open their counters for open signup ... Here is the relief.. This below website checks all the trackers for every 10mins and let you know the open sign ups availablity.

Bittorrent TRackers Automatic Checking System - A.K.A BTRACS

BTRACS is an automatic information site which periodicaly checks closed community bittorrent trackers for being open for signup. Some closed community bittorrent trackers' signups are closed and are "invite only" (meaning, if you have a user, you can invite your friend to join or a friend can invite you). The main page refreshes every 10 minutes and shows a list of bittorrent private trackers open for signup.

CLICK HERE to enter the site


Another tip : To check whether a dvdrip of the movie you are searching is released or not..
make use of this website CLICK HERE

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