November 24, 2007


Have you ever been surprised how to create community in the mobile world and Just publish the message to all your community members with one sms (for which you'll be charged according to your service provider).

This one sms can cost just Rs 1-3 max in India . But the advantage is that you can have friends all over it. No matter whats the size of your community , the message shall be sent to everyone at cost of single message. Recently I came to know about this and here are the following steps to do this... provides you with this service and i've started to wonder how these people get profited by this ...

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1. sms ACCEPT to 757585 to indicate that you accept our terms of service. You can read it on

2. sms CREATE to 757585. Example sms CREATE Merafriends to 757585

3. Invite your friends. Ask them to join your friends by doing START to 757585. For example START merafriends to 757585

4. Then anyone can publish by doing sms PUB Merafriends to 757585. Example: sms "PUB Hey guys, we are going to movie this weekend!" to 757585.

You get 80 characters to write your message.

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