November 23, 2007


You often get various mails from the IQ testing sites and when you are done signing up and have taken the test well and finally waiting for the detailed report about your abilities , most annoying window would pop-up asking for you to pay to receive the detailed report from experts (phds)

Here is one the site and its glitch which i came to know about .......

You would've heard of , one of the famous sites which hosts various tests from IQ to personality. you know what even this site does the same procedure . After taking up the test , they ask you pay via credit card to get the detailed report . Thanks to the person who coded this page who left a small glitch unseen which can be used by us to get the detailed report without paying money !!

Here it goes !!

1. Sign up for an account there which is must to take up a test.

2. Take any test (IQ, Super IQ, Brainteaser, etc)

3. When you finish the test, you get an ad, just hit "Skip" or "Go To Test Results"

4. At the results page, hit "Give me my full report"

5. You'll be taken to the page which asks for your credit card number. Don't bother. Click the "Back To Free Results" next to "Buy Now".

6. Grrhhh another ad page, Click "No thanks, continue".

BINGO !! You Hit the Jackpot !! you got your detailed report.

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